Assigned Employees


This page is provided for employees who have been placed on temporary assignment through Renaissance Personnel.


You have been choosen and accepted an assignment through Renaissance Personnel. You have joined a special group of job seekers who have been selected to represent our company. Now we want to help you to succeed.

This page has been developed as reference resource for many of the questions you may encounter during your assignment. It is not a replacement for direct communication with your designated contact at Renaissance. Please feel free to call us for assistance at any time.

Check back often. Content will be updated as changes occur within our internal policies & procedures or as a result of changes to workplace legislation.


Thank you for applying to Renaissance Personnel. We look forward to a positive and mutually beneficial experience.

This is a general guideline of your conditions of employment if you are offered and accept a temporary assignment through Renaissance. We hope this information will help to avoid misunderstandings as to what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. It is your responsibility to read all of the guidelines and to contact a representative of Renaissance if you require clarification or additional information at any time before, during or after your temporary assignment.  

Employer Relationships

Renaissance is considered your employer of record while you are on temporary assignment. We are responsible for administration of your payroll, Workers’ Compensation, liability insurance, benefits (if applicable), etc.

At your assignment you are required to follow the instructions of your appointed supervisor and to abide by the specific company rules, policies and procedures in the same manner as if you were a regular employee of that company.


Your safety is very important to us. Most accidents can be avoided if you use common sense and think before you act. If at any time while you are on assignment, you feel that you have not been properly instructed to safely perform a job, it is your responsibility to ask your supervisor for assistance.

It is also important for you to know that under Section 25 (2) (a-i) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, you have the right to refuse a job which poses an unreasonable threat to your personal safety or the safety of others. Please contact us immediately if this situation occurs.

If you are injured in any way; seek medical assistance if required, report the incident to your supervisor as soon as possible and then report the accident to Renaissance within 24 hours.

Temporary to Permanent

We are always pleased when an employee on temporary assignment is offered a permanent position (and this often happens). It’s great news for the employee and it reflects well on Renaissance to have found the right person for the job. However, unless otherwise specified there is no guarantee from Renaissance or any of our Clients that permanent employment will become available or be offered. 

If you are seeking permanent employment, you should consider a temporary assignment as an excellent opportunity to show your capabilities so that you may be considered as a viable candidate if an opening occurs.

Company Rules

We may be able to provide specific rules for your assigned company but if you are ever uncertain about a rule, it is your responsibility to ask your supervisor for clarification. 

Most rules are based on common sense and most people do not need specific guidelines to behave in a mature, responsible manner. However, in an effort to avoid misunderstandings, some violations common to most businesses are listed below.

You should be aware that these violations could result in termination of employment, disqualify you from further opportunities with Renaissance and depending on the violation, could result in formal charges.

Violation of any safety rule, failure to use proper safety equipment, bypassing a safety device or engaging in any conduct which creates a safety hazard.

Falsification of or failure to accurately complete any documents related to your employment.

Carelessness resulting in injury or property damage.

Willful damage to the property of the Company or the property of others.

Theft or dishonesty.

Unacceptable tardiness or absence.

Deliberately limiting production or workflow.

Insubordination or refusal to perform work assigned by a Supervisor or other person in authority (with the exception of work you have determined to pose an unreasonable threat to your personal safety or the safety of others).

Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, possession or consumption of alcohol or possession or use of illicit narcotics or drugs on Company property.

Threatening, intimidating, coercing or directing abuse, profane or insulting remarks or gestures to or about another member of the organization.

Fighting or attempting / threatening bodily injury to another person.

Possession of weapons or dangerous devices on Company property.

Posting / distributing signs, cards, notices or soliciting of any kind.

Disorderly or immoral conduct or any other action which may jeopardize the health, safety or well being of other employees, or which is detrimental to the interest of the Client or Renaissance Personnel or which is recognized by common understanding as being improper.


Regular attendance and punctuality are extremely important factors considered when evaluating a temporary employee. We highly recommend that you make every effort to be at your assignment on time every day.

If you are going to be late or absent for any reason you must contact the appropriate source at your assigned company and also contact Renaissance. Leave a detailed message on the answering service if you are calling outside of normal business hours.

Your assigned company may have a specific call-in system.

Performance Evaluation

 At regular intervals or at the end of an assignment, our Clients will often evaluate a number of performance factors such as:

Quality of work

Quantity of work



Ability to work with others

Ability to work independently

Other factors specific to particular  assignments

Please consider that the results of these evaluations could be determining factors for permanent opportunities at the assigned company or for future opportunities with Renaissance.

Public Holidays

You will qualify for full or partial public holiday pay (based on your average regular wages earned in the 4 weeks prior to the holiday) if you have also worked the scheduled day before and the scheduled day after the holiday. For all hours worked on a public holiday you will be paid at 1 1/2 times your regular pay.


Renaissance does not receive any portion of your pay entitlement. 

Your hourly pay rate is determined by the company where you are assigned and that is the pay you will receive, plus 4% vacation pay for all hours worked. The only deductions are the normal legislated deductions as required by law.

Renaissance charges the hiring company a service fee based on a percentage of your hourly rate to cover cost of:

Legislated employer contributions such as Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employer Health Tax (EHT), Workers’ Compensation and Vacation Pay.

Payroll Administration including weekly processing, record keeping, tax and T-4 issues, record of employment issues, bank / direct deposit charges, etc.

Search, selection, liability insurance, benefit co-payment and admin. (if applicable), and all other overhead related costs.

It is important to note that the majority of these costs would also apply to your assigned company if you were employed directly by them.

Payroll Process 

The procedures for pay authorization may vary at each Client location.

If you are required to submit a timecard to Renaissance, we must have the card at our office no later than 9:00 AM each Monday.

The card must be fully completed and signed by your supervisor or other company official to authorize payment. If we do not receive this information on time, you may cause a delay of one week before you can receive your pay.

A mailbox is located at the entrance to our office if you need to bring in your card after hours.

For your convenience, Renaissance payroll is entirely administered through Direct Deposit. Your pay is deposited to the financial institution of your choice.

If you have a Royal Bank account, your pay should be in your account by Thursday midnight following the pay ending date. Other financial institutions should receive the funds no later than Friday. If you are experiencing delays in the transfer of funds, you may want to consider opening an account at the Royal Bank.

There are no charges to you for direct deposit services.

On a weekly basis we will mail your statement of earnings and a new time card (if required).

Concluding an Assignment

It is your right to accept or refuse an assignment through Renaissance. Therefore, when you accept an assignment, we expect that you would see it through to completion as a responsible representative of our company.

We recognize that there can be extenuating circumstances, such as a permanent job offer at another company. Should you decide to leave the assignment early, we would appreciate the same courtesy as any employer regarding proper notice to allow us time to find a replacement.

If the assignment is concluding and you will be looking for other opportunities, you should contact us immediately so we know you’re available. (Often you will know the assignment is coming to an end before we do.)

Problem Solving

Most issues can be resolved with a little effort and patience. 

If you have any questions or issues directly related to performance of the work you are assigned, please approach your assigned supervisor in a responsible manner. 

All other issues must be directed to a representative of Renaissance. We will try our best to help you resolve any difficulties you may experience.

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