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Located in CHATHAM, LONDON & WINDSOR, Renaissance manages Temporary & Permanent Placements in engineering, finance, general labour, human resources, health care, information technology, management, manufacturing, maintenance, materials, office support, purchasing, quality control, sales, skilled trades & much more!

THE BEST PEOPLE AVAILABLE - when & where they are needed. It's our objective. It should be your expectation.

To achieve our objective, Renaissance incorporates 5 equally important principles into our day-to-day operations:

Dedication to the development of available candidates.

Renaissance does not employ sales staff. Our growth has been almost entirely through referrals from satisfied customers, candidates and employees. We achieve this success because we dedicate all of our resources to the development of people. By focusing on the quality and volume of employment ready candidates, we are much better equipped to respond to any customer request in a timely manner.

Staff assigned to specific categories of recruitment.

Staff members are assigned to a specific category of recruitment i.e. General Labour, Office Support, Skilled Trades, Engineering / Technical or Managerial. Each category has its own unique recruitment challenges. It is very difficult to be an expert in all areas. This specialization promotes a much higher degree of knowledge to understand the customer requirements and when selecting appropriate candidates.

Treating people like people.

Renaissance receives tremendous feedback from our candidates and assigned employees. The comments range from the positive way they were treated from the first time they met us to the overall communications that are maintained throughout their relationship with Renaissance. It is important to treat people with honesty and respect because it is the right thing to do, but also because we are an extension of our customers hiring process and therefore a reflection of their organization.

Open, honest costing and appropriate employee entitlements.

These two items tend to go hand-in-hand. Renaissance provides full disclosure of costs and allows the customer to determine the appropriate wages and entitlements for temporary employees working within their organization.  This arrangement has always produced a more harmonious relationship between the Customer, Temporary Employees and Renaissance.

A mutually beneficial relationship.

Renaissance understands there is a customer / supplier relationship and that we are retained to provide a service. However, this relationship is more complicated than most. We recognize that we are an extension of the hiring process and that we share the results of our successes and failures. And, we recognize the need to continuously evolve and respond to the ever changing needs of our customers, candidates and employees.


Contact us today to discuss all the ways we can help to improve your unique recruitment needs. You may be surprised at how efficient and cost effective Renaissance Personnel employment services can be.

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